Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Room Decor Haul, Grey & White.

Recently my room went to hell a little bit, by that I mean when I went to tidy it up nothing actually had a place. So I decided to gut it out and buy some new decor for my room just to jazz it up a bit. There is nothing like adding some new bedlinen, pillows and some decorative pieces just to spice things up. The colour theme in my room is grey and white (I really hate the word theme), but two of my furniture pieces (ie. my bed and wardrobe) are wooden. I will list where I got everything if I an remember. I also have two pictures of pieces that are not new, but really are the main focal points of my room and I thought they were kind of important to show so you can see how everything ties together. Hope you enjoy! 

These are the two pieces that are not new. I'm sure you have seen them on countless blogs and YouTube videos. They are both from Ikea. I love Audrey Hepburn (fun fact actually my middle name is Audrey!) so I was automatically drawn to this picture, its slightly grey in colour and goes perfectly with my pale grey walls. Its hung just behind my bed. This lampshade is gorgeous, it really adds something to a room. Its dramatic without being too OTT! As you can see one of the walls in my room is darker grey/ purple in colour, you can see it in the top picture. I was in Ikea recently and they still have both of these pieces. 

One of my favourite places to go room or home record shopping is TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in the US). They also have the most reasonable but unique pieces. I bought the white bedlinen on my bed in there and it is so soft. My boyfriend bought me this sign for my room, I absolutely love it. I have it on my desk because it looked nicer there than hanging on the wall. My wardrobe is very old, it was actually from my grandparents house. Now because most of my furniture is white I wanted to be able to tie everything together. I needed eight door knobs in total because I have a double wardrobe, and there are two drawers on the bottom. These were really reasonable at €6 for four. They are a creamy white with a vintage rusted gold design on them. No need for a new wardrobe when you can a few small things to modernise it!

The next place that I bought a few bits was in Penneys aka Primark. They had loads of new homeware and I really had to try my best to not go too over the top. The two heart pillows were super cheap at only €4 each! They are made up of small tightly packed roses stitched together. They came in a baby pink and a beige colour too I believe. I bought the trio of elephants purely because they were cute, but I honestly had no idea where to put it once I got home. So I went with hanging it on my wardrobe because it was lacking the white theme that is starting to take over my room, they were about €4. The glass jar was ideal for the giant space on my windowsill. Now the only issue I'm having is what to put in it. So if you have any ideas it would be much appreciated, the jar was roughly €6 I believe. Lastly is the throw lying underneath all the products. Its white in colour with grey running through it (ideal colouring, I know) and is the softest thing I've ever felt in my life. It has a fleeced chocolate covered lining on the reverse side and was about €25.

My boyfriend actually bought me these two wooden storage pieces when he went to a game fair in the UK (he knows how I feel about room decor!). I use the top one for storing my most used jewellery, which is basically my Alex & Ani bracelets and a other more bits. I have it on my windowsill, which is also whitewashed. The bottom piece is kept on my vanity. It is a slight green tinged whitewash colour. This is so perfect for keeping my most used foundations, my setting sprays and my hand cream. The little drawers are ideal for holding lip balms, bobbins, bobby pins etc. Apologies for the weird lighting on the bottom picture, the evening sun was just not co-operating. These pieces were a total bargain at £10 for the two of them! They did have a label with a brand on them but I threw them out.. OOPS...

I hope this was somewhat helpful or even gave you a twincey bit of inspiration. If you have any pieces that you think I would love please leave me a link. I would also love to know what your favourite colour theme is. Also if you have any suggestions of what I could put in the jar I bought please let me know 


  1. I loved seeing all these pieces! I have a black, white and grey theme throughout my room!


    1. Thank you so much ❤ There is something very classic about grey & white! Plus its so easy to add a pop of colour to your room :)

  2. So many pretty items =]