Thursday, 1 October 2015

Halloween Makeup, Experimenting.

Special Effects and Halloween Makeup are definitely not my strong points or area of expertise. I tend to stick with the more natural (aka human looking) makeup looks. I've watched so many tutorials on halloween looks but I've never actually tried one. I was watching Nicole Guerriero's newest tutorial and fell in love with what she did! So I took the plunge and tried it out. Now I didn't have half the products she used so I just did my own version. I had no cream colours so I used all powders and this is what I came up with. Now its by no means amazing but I am proud of myself for trying something new. I've really got back into my blog over the past week so I said I'd share what I attempted today and save my originally planned post for tomorrow.

Doing this again I would definitely purchase cream products because the powders were super drying! I literally just used some old Sleek palettes I had lying around with a dense Real Techniques brush that came in their eye set. Then I used an old liquid liner for the black. I'm really not sure what this look is supposed to be but I think with a black top and some galaxy trousers you could pull off a futuristic look. 

If you have watched any Halloween or Special Effects tutorials recently please leave me a link because I'd love to check them out! As always thanks for stopping by and I will chat to you again soon


  1. Love it, great look =]

  2. I love all the colours, it looks amazing!

    1. Thank you ❤ You could almost go as a rainbow wearing this! haha