Monday, 20 July 2015

Jenner Lip Favs.

Personally I used to think brown toned lipsticks were reserved for Mums and Grannys. Then Kylie Jenner changed the game of nude brown lips, and now everyone wants the Jenner lips. So I have bought about 50 million brown/ nude lipsticks over the past few months in the hope of finding the perfect Kylie lip. I honestly now wear these lip colours with everything. It suits a smokey eye, coral eye, colourful eye or a simple look with just mascara. The list is ENDLESS. So now I'm going to show you a few snaps and swatches of my fave nude/ brown lipsticks at this moment!


So I'm going to talk about each lipstick individually and then I'll post swatches of them all below. As usual there will be clickable links to where you can find each of the products!

NYX Thalia Thalia - I find this lipstick the most grey toned brown on me. There isn't too much red or pink in it. For some reason this doesn't really show in the swatches but oh well. NYX can be difficult to find in Ireland but you can shop online and its really inexpensive. This lipstick isn't matte but isn't particularly glossy either.

Estee Lauder Intense Nude - I love all of these Pure Color Envy lipsticks but Intense Nude is by far my favourite. It's definitely my most used nude lipstick. Its the perfect combination of creaminess, its extremely pigmented and super long wearing. I also think its really close to the perfect Kylie Jenner lip colour.

MAC Syrup - This lipstick is a lustre finish. This is a pink toned brown nude, its definitely the most subtle of the bunch. Its a very easy product to apply and is the kind of lipstick you can just throw on with very little effort. It's very glossy and is not as pigmented as the others, its also not as long wearing. However I love it because of how quick and simple it is.

MAC Cosmo - Cosmo has an amplified finish. Its extremely similar in colour to Estee Lauder Intense Nude but a little less red. It is a slightly reddish brown toned nude and is really pigmented. It doesn't have a very glossy finish but it isn't matte either. Its quite moisturizing and extremely long wearing. You probably wouldn't need both this and the Lauder lipstick in your collection as they are very similar.

From Left to Right: Thalia Thalia, Intense Nude, Syrup, Cosmo and Dervish.

With all of these lipstick I use the same lipliner. I don't like to overdraw my lips too much, I prefer to highlight my cupids bow and contour under my lip instead to create the illusion of bigger lips. The lipliner I use is Dervish by MAC. Its really versatile and goes with virtually every nude lip. I have other nude liners but always reach for this one, always :)

"If at first you don't succeed, apply more lipstick" - Benefit Cosmetics

Lauren x


  1. Love Nyx Thalia! I almost bought MAC Cosmo but got Faux instead. Love me some mauve-brown nudes! Check out my list for more options if you're interested, :)

    Love your blog!



    1. I'll definitely check out Faux and your post :) Thanks for stopping by <3 x