Saturday, 18 July 2015

More Than Makeup.

I think nowadays a lot of people forget that being a beautiful person is more than just having a beautiful face. Your personality, your conscious, your confidence and your ability to put others before yourself - This is what makes you beautiful, not the DNA you were born with. However this is a beauty/ makeup blog, and I'm going to give you a few tips on how to make yourself feel more beautiful, without your makeup. On the plus side as well as improving your body & minds beauty, these tips will also (hopefully) improve your skins natural beauty which will make your face even flawless than it is.

 -So whats the key to beauty? I don't know, and I really do think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However I feel like sleep is quite possibly the answer. Sleep helps in the healing and repair of your blood vessels, it improves your concentration, it helps to regulate mood & relieve stress and your skin repairs itself as you sleep. So sleep improves both your inner beauty, minds beauty and your skins
beauty. Now I not for everyone its not as simple as just closing your eyes and sleeping for hours. However deep meditation/ a really relaxed state can give almost the same benefits as sleep. Personally when I cant sleep I love to listen to sounds. By sounds I mean the sound of the ocean, waves, raindrops. Automatic relaxation for me. Check out Youtube videos of ocean or rain noises. Some of them run for hours so are ideal for falling asleep to.

The recommended time we should sleep is 7-8 hours. I do agree with this 100%. However this isn't always feasible for everyone. Id day 6+ hours of sleep or deep rest and your well on your way to improving all aspects of your beauty! 

So maybe try add a few extra hours sleep to your 'beauty routine'.

-By fuel I mean food and water. Fueling your body with healthy foods and plenty of water will make all the difference to your health. Eating all the essential vitamins and minerals, as well as hydrating your body will help to keep your skin clear and can also help with relieving symptoms of depression. By fueling your body with everything it needs you are really going to help your skin to look its best, but also its going to make you feel your best, help boost your positivity and thus making you feel more beautiful than you already are.

-What is more beautiful than a confident woman? At the end of the day no matter how pretty, fit, healthy etc. you are, the most beautiful thing to see if confidence in yourself. Someone who is confidence in their appearance, with their personality and with their flaws. Whether its sleep, a healthy lifestyle or makeup be confident in you, because you just like everyone are beautiful inside and out.

Sorry for the rambling and slightly off topic post today. I was working late and didnt have any makeup photos for a blog post. So I said I'd write this random collection of advice. Hopefully someone somewhere found it useful, or at least entertaining! Enjoy your weekend :)

"When your comfortable in your own skin.. your beautiful. Confidence is the best makeup you could every wear"

Lauren x

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