Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Life In Pictures, Portugal.

I am lucky enough to get to be in Portugal this week before I start college. The weather is actually beautiful this time of the year and its nice and quiet because its not peak tourist season. This post really should be all pictures but I said I'd share my dramatic start to the week first! We took off from Dublin airport on Monday morning and were flying to Faro airport. Now, if you live in Ireland you may have heard/ seen this on the news already but we had a bit of a problem after take off. Now, I'm a nervous flier and a self confessed drama queen when it comes to being on a plane but the noise the plane was making straight after take off was not normal. It was a vibrating whirring kind of noise but I was trying to convince myself it was normal. We were only flying about fifteen minutes and the pilot said we were turning around due to a problem with one the engines. To cut a long story short the engine later failed and was switched off, and when we landed into Dublin again the runway was lined with fire engines! Not the start to the holiday I was expecting but we did fly out later that morning and arrived safely. So here are my few of my snaps over the past few days, hope you enjoy! 


  1. Oh my gosh I'm so glad you're okay! My mum hates flying and if that happened to us I can straight away say that she would be a wreck!! Also your photos are beautiful, it's making me really miss my summer holiday! xx

    1. Thanks Lily! I know I was trying not to panic, Im dreading Summer being officially over 😭 x

  2. glad you're ok, that plane situation sounds scary! love love love these photos, it looks so beautiful there:-)xx