Friday, 9 October 2015

Foodie Fridays #1, What I Ate.

I am a massive foodie, so I wanted to start some sort of series where I post pictures of food I have eaten, recipes, what I eat in a day type posts etc. I was playing around with titles and I liked the Foodie Friday concept because it didn't limit me to just one type of blog post. I'm still unsure as to whether this will be a weekly or monthly fixture but we will see how it goes.

Todays post is a what I ate post. These are all meals I ate while in Portugal and aside from breakfast they were all eaten in restaurants. Just as a little FYI I very rarely/ never eat meat anymore, however I do eat seafood! Please do leave me links to your favourite food related posts or if you have any ideas for this food series please do share! 


Toasted Belgian waffles with peach and pineapple on top. Green juice containing ginger, carrot, cucumber, apple, spinach and more things I can't remember!


I had these little potato chip type things (normal & sweet potato) with a sweet chilli mayo dip and a glass of coke with ice. I then had a prawn, mango, tomato and rocket salad with a sweet chilli dressing!


For dinner I had battered fish and chips with some sweet chilli mayo. As you've probably realised I LOVE sweet chilli! Also the newspaper in the bottom of the basket was so cute, A+ for presentation!

Now I realise this isn't exactly the worlds healthiest day of eating but then again I'm not the worlds healthiest eater either! I love seafood even more when I'm abroad and by the sea. Its always so delicious. Hopefully this will become a monthly blog fixture where I will share with you my healthy and not so healthy food obsessions. Have a lovely weekend everyone! 


  1. Okay, this post has made me rather hungry =]

    1. Food related posts always do that to me too! haha x