Thursday, 3 September 2015

Beauty & Life Favs, August.

Astonishingly it's September, time is literally flying. So like every other blogger on the planet I'm going to share with you my beauty and life favourites for August.

Music Favourites: 

Two songs were way over played in my car this month. One is a new single and the other is extremely old school. Little Mix Black Magic and Avril Lavinge Here's to Never Growing Up. I honestly don't know how I ended up listening to Avril Lavinge again, but I LOVE it. 

Food Favourites: 

Ribena is my all time favourite drink (no I'm not five) and I've drank more this month than I care to admit. Cadburys also launched a new Marvellous Creation bar in Ireland. It is Rocky Mallow Road flavoured and it is heaven in a chocolate bar, you have to taste it!

Makeup Favourites:

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge has become my new signature scent. Words cannot describe my love for it. I have a first impressions of it here. This is the first month in a long time I have worn the same scent everyday, but this fragrance does the job for both day and night. Its very unique too, it has a creamy vanilla mixed with roses scent. This one is definitely worth a sniff or if your impulsive like me, you'll buy it. 


Up until the past few months I had yet to find my holy grail concealer. I wanted something really brightening and light in colour, with good coverage and didn't crease. This was way harder to find than I was expecting. Then on a whim I decided to try the Urban Decay Naked Concealer out. I got it in the lightest shade which is Fair Neutral and it is the most amazing under eye concealer ever! It is too light to use anywhere else on my face but It looks flawless under my eyes and just around my nose. 

The Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette has also basically been featured on my face all month. The smell of chocolate when I open this palette makes me want to eat it. It has such a versatile range of colours and I especially love Peanut Butter. I also have a first impression and a look I created with this palette here. I will definitely be bringing this traveling with me next month as the colour range really does cover all bases.

My last monthly favourites featured MACs Fix+ too. However I ran out at the end of the month and went to MAC to get another. When I was there the girl said that they had come out with a range of scented Fix+, however the only scents they had left were Yuzu and Rose. My toner is rose scented so that one didn't really interest me but to be honest I didn't know what Yuzu was. But of course I bought into the gimmick anyway and I'm so glad I did. Scent aside this Fix+ seems way more moisturing! I now spritz it on after washing my face and it instantly re-hydrates my skin. I also still use it as a setting spray for my makeup. In terms of Yuzu I had to google what it was. It is a citrus fruit and plant originating in East Asia. I really love this version of Fix+ and I hope they make the range permanent! (I really want the coconut one!) I cant find the exact product online but they should definitely still have some available in store!

Last but not least is my favourite bronzer in the whole world! I saw a few YouTubers and Bloggers talk about this product so I bought it a few months ago. MAC Give Me Sun! is an MSF like no other. It gives that natural sun kissed bronzed look to the skin. Its not matte but has zero shimmer. It gives a sheen/ glow that looks so naturally beautiful. I have never owned or used a bronzer anything like this one! I can almost guarantee it will be a holy grail product for you too.

As always please share with me your favourites of the month, I love hearing about amazing products I have yet to try! I hope you all had an amazing August and here's to a fabulous September <3

"Be happy... Not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything."


  1. Oh my gosh the perfume looks and sounds lovely! And I reallly need that palette the colours are so, so pretty!! The concealer looks amazing, I'd love to try something like that out, I just tend to stick to drugstore products haha!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I only recently stared venturing out of the drugstore for bigger purchases! Don't get me wrong I love drugstore products but I've found some amazing products by having a look in the premium hall :) Glad you enjoyed it <3 x

  2. I love the Chocolate Bar palette too! I reach for it everyday. You convinced me to go get my hands on that concealer as well!


    1. Its amazing isn't it?! You'll definitely love the concealer, you wont regret buying it <3

  3. Hiya I’m just commenting to let you know I have nominated you for the blog tour award because I think your blog is amazing! Please check out my latest blog post for details on how to get involved. Thank you. Christina xxxxx