Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Cruelty Free Cosmetics Guide.

A huge amount of cosmetic companies today are cruelty free, however many of the leading makeup brands do test their products on animals. By no means am I saying that all the makeup products that I buy or use are cruelty free but as of the last few weeks I'm trying to make more informed decisions when buying cosmetics, because in reality a bunny rabbit shouldn't have to pay for me wanting to wear eyeliner. A lot of companies may not directly test on animals but their suppliers might, so technically those brands are not cruelty free. I'm going to list my favourite cruelty free cosmetic brands below and a link to their site or to PETA's where they state their products are cruelty free. I'm aware that there are many more brands that don't test on animals but there are too many to list, so I'm just going to reference my favourites.

Before I start some of these cosmetic companies parent companies are not cruelty free, but I will let you know that in each case. All of the information I'm going to list I have found online. It is your own decision whether you want to shop cruelty free (all of my cosmetics are not). Each brand name is clickable and will lead you to area of the site where their animal testing ethos is explained.

Urban Decay: I was so happy to see that Urban Decays products are cruelty free. I absolutely love their eyeshadows, eyeliners, concealers etc. Its such a popular and well known brand and cruelty free! However Urban Decay is owned by L'Oreal, their parent company is not cruelty free. 

Too Faced: Having only recently launched in Ireland, their popularity is really growing in Europe. Their products are fabulous and their brushes are made from 100% Teddy Bear Hair!

TheBalm: I'm not going to lie I haven't tried many products from TheBalm, however I love the products I do own and there is an order on the way to my house *eek*. If you look at the very bottom of their website you can see they are listed as cruelty free.

Smashbox: Famous for their primers Smashbox cosmetics is listed as cruelty free. However their parent company Estee Lauder do test on animals because like many other brands they sell to the Chinese market.

Lush: Bath bombs, soaps, bubble bars etc. are all cruelty free. Lush don't test on animals and don't buy products from suppliers that test on animals either. 

Makeup Geek: All of Makeup Geeks products and ingredients are cruelty free. Most of their products are vegan too, apart from several products listed on their site that contain Carmine.

ELF Cosmetics: Super affordable, brilliant quality and cruelty free! However I'm pretty sure there are some issues with ELF's UK website that also ships to Ireland. Not sure what is going on.

Gosh: Although this company seems to be fading in terms of popularity they do have a really good selection of makeup products. I used to love Gosh so much, and they are listed as cruelty free.

NYX: I have fallen head over heels in love with NYX products since they started selling them in my local pharmacy and online in Ireland. The price point and quality are amazing!

Barry M: I love Barry M dazzle dusts and their nail polishes. They are pretty affordable and have a huge range of colours.

Soap & Glory: I'm a little hesitant about putting this company on my list because although they do not test on animals they cannot 100% guarantee that their ingredients haven't been. However they do have a list of vegan products listed on their site. 

The Body Shop: Their parent company is Loreal which does unfortunately test on animals. However the Body Shop are cruelty free, they have a very passionate article about being cruelty free on their site.

Real Techniques: One of my favourite and most used brushes are cruelty free! They state that all of their products are 100% cruelty free.

Eco Tools: Another company that sells cruelty free brushes, I have several Eco Tools brushes and I love them. Plus they are super affordable.

Sigma: I'm aware that not all Sigma brushes are cruelty free however they do sell amazing vegan brushes that are, and they are definitely worth checking out!

I'm hoping this was helpful to some of you. If I have left out any major companies please leave them in the comments (writing them all out would take years :P). Again I don't shop 100% cruelty free by any means but I will definitely be trying to buy more from these cruelty free brands rather than those that test on animals in the future.

"It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal" - Joaquin Phoenix

Lauren x

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  1. This is a great idea for a post! I think it's so important to prevent animal testing, but these days, that sort of thing is so hard to avoid! So thank you for posting this! I'm going to use this for future reference!!!
    Georgia xxx

    1. Thanks Georgia! I'm glad you liked it :) I really never thought that products were still tested so often on animal (stupidly) so I'm definitely going to make better decisions from now on, and hopefully it will help you do the same <3

      Lauren x