Thursday, 20 August 2015

Bath Time with Zoella Beauty

So I was strolling around Penneys (Primark) the other day and nearly passed out when I spotted some Zoella beauty in their cosmetic section. Now as far as I am aware Zoella beauty is not available in store to purchase anywhere in Ireland but is available on Naturally I had to pick up something from her range when I was there and give it a try. I was actually really excited when I saw her products as I was totally not expecting to see them in Penneys. This is her older collection but it was all that was available, and these were the only two products in store. They were €6 each, which is not too bad :)

Fizz Bar: So this is basically a bath bomb divided up like a chocolate bar, so you break off a piece each time you want to use it. There are six large squares in each bar. I'm not sure what type of scent I was expecting from Zoella but this is definitely not it. However I absolutely LOVE it, the scent reminds me somewhat of the Michael Kors Jasmine fragrance. When I opened the packing the scent hit me immediately. It fizzed well in my bath however it did fizz out very quickly. I was tempted to throw another square in but I resisted the temptation (I didn't want to waste it :P). Another thing I loved is that it gave my bathroom a gorgeous perfumed scent which was amazing. Overall I was so impressed with this product and will defintely buy it again when I use it up.

Soak Opera: This is a bath soak and shower cream. It has the same scent as the fizz bar but much much lighter in intensity. It lathers up really nicely with a loofah and the scent does intensify once it starts to lather properly. It has such a creamy texture and is really moisturising, it definitely wont dry your skin out. If you like a really strongly scented body wash this probably isn't for you, but I prefer a lather and soft scent because too much fragrance can irritate my skin.

I'm actually really impressed with Zoella's beauty line. So much so that I'm browsing online for what I'm going to buy next, those makeup bags are calling my name!! Essentially you are buying the products for Zoella's name, but I'm all about supporting YouTubers. Lastly I forgot to mention the packaging, I love it! Really cute pastel colours with splashes of neon and rose gold writing. If you love Zoella then you really need to try these out! <3

"Be the best version of you" - Zoella

Lauren x

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