Monday, 3 August 2015

Beauty & Life Favs, July.

So the end of July has come and gone, much quicker than expected! Now we are coming to the end of the summer, even though the Irish summer ended after the three days of sunshine we got. So I'm going to share with you my monthly favourites for July. I have a few different bits and pieces from each catagory but I'm going to throw them all together in one post, Enjoy! 

Beauty Favourites: 
  • Rimmel Wonder'full mascara is amazing. It is infused with argan oil and has a gorgeous formula. The first few times I just loved how it made my lashes look but my lashes have become so soft and silky when I'm not wearing it. LOVE,  I have a review of it previously on my blog.
  • MAC Dipdown Gel Liner and 208 Brush have been my holy grail brow products. This brush and product have given me really crisp defined brows that last all day, seriously the best brow products I've ever used.
  • MAC Fix+ is such a multi functional product. Mine is nearly empty and I've used it more than ever this month. I have to use powder to set my face because of my oily skin, this really helps to get rid of the really powdery look. Its also amazing for use on your brush to intensify shadows, on your beauty blender etc!
  • Another favourite is the MAC High Light powder in Freshen Up. It is from the Wash & Dry collection that came out this summer. I love to wear peach/ coral blush. This is the perfect highlight to complement it. It gives a beautiful coral sheen to the cheek, you can make it as natural or as intense as you like depending on what colour you focus on when applying. I'm pretty sure you cant still buy this online unfortunately.

Fashion Favourite: 
I can say I have worn these sunglasses virtually everyday this month. Excuse the blurring on the lenses but I there was an extremely unattractive looking reflection in them! These are the Ray Ban Round Icon I believe. They are super comfortable and have a really vintage feel. I love sunglasses, I seriously cannot drive without them. These are really good at blocking out the sun (duh) while being comfy and stylish all at once.

Program Favourites: I love watching documentaries and series. I become quite addicted to them, I love nothing more than sitting in my bed and watching Netflix all day. My current Netflix favourites are Orange Is the New Black Season 3 and Louis Theroux Documentaries. T.V favourite is Bones. I've been at home sick from work all week and have watched telly/ netflix all day everyday, simple as. 

Favourite Music: Taylor Swift of course! I've had her album 1989 since it came out but because of Bad Blood being played constatly on every radio station I've revisted it. I've also been loving Ed Sheeran and Kodaline this month too. I was lucky enough to see them last weekend together in Croke Park. If youve never heard of Kodaline I recommend checking out the songs All I Want and High Hopes, they are an Irish band and I know you'll love them.

 "Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain"

Lauren x


  1. love your sunglasses! and who doens't love a bit of Swifty :P

    Charlotte Harvs | Blog

    1. Thank you! I know I think everyone is secretly a Taylor fan <3 haha

  2. That's too bad the Mac High Light powder isn't online anymore. That caught my eyes right away and the colors look so beautiful!!! I have been watching Orange is the New Black, so addicting, haha!

    xoxo Emily

    1. I know I bought it as soon as I saw it, you might be lucky enough to pick it up somewhere! :) I know I'm in love with OITNB.. <3 Plus Ireland finally is streaming a series the same time as the US so I'm not months behind :) :) xx